il Paesaggio / il Passaggio

di Lapo Simeoni 

22 settembre / 22 novembre 2021


dalle 17.00 alle 20.00 - dal Lunedì al Venerdì

Ingresso  libero contingentatoLo spazio per le arti contemporanee Intragallery è lieta di annunciare la ripresa della nuova stagione espositiva con la mostra BÖCKLIN PROJECT di Lapo Simeoni, seconda personale dell’artista ospitata in galleria.Il progetto è incentrato sulla rivisitazione da parte del Simeoni, di un ciclo di lavori di Arnold Böcklin, che hanno risvegliato in lui ricordi di paesaggi/passaggi particolarmente intimi ed emozionali. 

Nel febbraio 1850 Böcklin si stabilì a Roma, percependovi finalmente quella linfa artistica che sarà da impulso incessante per tutta la sua carriera da pittore. Nell’Urbe, infatti, Böcklin venne a contatto con le leggendarie tradizioni dell’Antichità e del Medioevo e con il ricchissimo patrimonio artistico del Rinascimento. Ancora più forte, tuttavia, fu l’impatto con i paesaggi del tedesco Franz Dreber, all’epoca residente a Roma, e con la maestosa natura laziale. Roma gli stimolò anche un radicale mutamento stilistico: se prima infatti Böcklin era solito idealizzare i paesaggi, sull’esempio di Lorrain e Poussin, dalla fine degli anni 1850 egli iniziò a concedere spazi progressivamente più ampi alle suggestioni evocative del proprio inconscio. 


E’ attraverso questa apertura al mondo del “senzatempo" che Simeoni trova la spinta per intraprendere un viaggio di identificazione col suo maestro, tanto da imbastire un “museo immaginario” dove i paesaggi di Böcklin abbiano idealmente attraversato le fasi artistiche di ogni epoca fino a quella contemporanea. 



1-31 OCTOBER 2021



Palace des Ambassadeurs
3 Rue Partouneaux
06500 Menton


Fondazione 107

Saturday 9 October


the exhibition spaces in Via Sansovino 234, Turin, will be hosting:

  • The Take Care Project, curated by Federico Piccari, featuring the facemasks created by the 160 participating artists and the one-person shows of the winners: 
  • Pepitabadass, by Iaia Filiberti, and Sutura, by Roberto Maria Lino. 


The Take Care Project was launched in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 and has now reached its first exhibition with the presentation of the 160 facemasks produced by the artists who took up our invitation. These will be presented together with the two one-person shows of the competition’s tied winners: Iaia Filiberti with Pepitabadass and Roberto Maria Lino with Sutura

The Take Care Project intends to act as a metaphor of our times, highlighting some of its characteristic elements: the facemask, the object of the artists’ works, is a clean sheet where they have written about their experiences in these times of pandemic. Taking care is embodied in the invitation to participate in a trickle-down system: the democratic element of participation, in which each artist or curator was free to invite whomever they wanted, followed by the vote, conducted on the Fondazione 107 website, stressing the strength of social networks and the force of the individual communication of each artist taking part in the project. 


“Take Care” is the watchword and the lesson that we must all by now have engraved on our memories after the first wave of the pandemic, the epidemic from Asia that has overwhelmed our lives and heralded a new era. The issue is that of taking care of others, of the weaker and more needy members of a society that has spent far too long obsessing with a concept of personal wellness to the detriment of a healthy concept of community. 



Covid19 has transformed our lives, shifted the balance of economic power between nations and continents, widened the yawning gaps between social classes, created a profound divide between those whose work is protected and those who have no defences, changed out worldview and, above all else, deprived us of our sense of security and the freedom to show our fragility. 

The pandemic has injected us with a dangerous poison, making us diffident towards others; it has cancelled the typical western habits of shaking hands, embracing, forging relationships and exploring other worlds. It has isolated us in a cocoon where access is denied to others, amplifying the factor of exclusion set in motion by a path along which we had already been guided by technological media. 

The artists have expressed conflicting feelings with the 160 facemasks on show: some have transformed the facemask into a votive offering, others into the dream of a meadow, an unwearable sculpture, a written message, a meeting between peoples, a barrier of thorns, a form of protest or a friend waiting ready to cherish us. 


25.000 euro´ by Lapo Simeoni NOW LIVE



NOW LIVE! Launchin: 25.000 euro´by Lapo Simeoni


London Trade Art aims to remain at the forefront of digital change in the art world by applying new, cutting-edge technology to the art market. With this goal in mind, we have developed a novel Pooling Investment service that allows you, for the first time, to buy art shares with NFTs, and thus, obtain fractional ownership of an artwork.

We’ve worked closely with international law firm Withersworldwide, which has developed the regulatory framework and contractual aspects of this model, in order to provide all fractional owners with an art certificate guaranteeing ownership of the shares purchased. Our pioneering project by Lapo Simeoni will be launched soon. In the meantime, you can already reserve your NFT below.







25.000 EURO

Lapo Simeoni

NOW LIVE - Lapo Simeoni's cutting-edge project, '25.000 euro', which is a perfect visual representation of the bridge between art and finance. The market value of the artwork is £25,000, which will be split into 100 individual art shares of £250 each. The artwork consists of a transparent bag placed within a Plexiglas case. It contains a total of €25,000 in €20 bills, which were chopped by the Bundesbank before being collected by the artist.

For the first time at LTArt, each art share will be linked to an NFT using blockchain technology, which will automatically be issued to the buyer once the payment is finalised. Reserve your NFT and stay tuned for more!