Il tasto Rosso

Curated by Guido Cabib

text of Nicola Cecchelli


The Format Contemporary Culture Gallery 

Milan | Via Pestalozzi, 10

from 3 to 26 April 2014


The Format – Contemporary Culture Gallery is pleased to present: “Il tasto ROSSO”, Lapo Simeoni solo show in Milan, by Guido Cabib. Opening on 3rd April 2014, 6 pm.

Lapo Simeoni is one of the most sparkling Italian artists of our days. His work is focused on the research and the use of very different materials, intertwining languages, combined with indisputable graphic skills. His personal history and education are conveyed in his artistic works through a mix of an extremely cultivated Italian School’s tradition and his profound insight, very contemporary and alert. The light of Central Italy and his artistic talent are the solid basis of Lapo Simeoni’s work, which is often surprising and shocking.

During the solo exhibition “IL TASTO ROSSO” (“Red Botton”), in Milan, it will be presented the monumental painting “La battaglia di San Giovanni” (The Battle of San Giovanni) and other 20 works belonging to the project “BLACK OUT and THE ILLUSION OF THE PERFECT CENTURY”, through which the artist investigates the connections between art, culture and society, and the conflicts that originate from them. The project “Il tasto ROSSO”, specifically conceived for The Format gallery space, broaden out through the hall, dressing up its walls with 50 emergency blankets and making the audience feel distressed and fragile.

Luis Vuitton, 2013

oil, bitume and spray on wood, 29 x 22,6 cm

Genova-Buenos Aires one way, 2014

original transatlantic ticket, spray, wood frame, 33 x 25




Gli illuminati, 2014

Metal glazed sculpture, crucified Christ from 19th to 21st centuries, marble basament

40 x 40 x 4 cm


Adriano Olivetti, 2014

oil, tempera, spray and enamel on wood, 34,5 x 24,5 cm. Private collection


Il Tasto Rosso, 2014

advert flyer


Panic, 2014

original sign, spray, variable dimension

private collection Treviso, (IT)